mj_Display Buttons and Menu Options

Buttons along the bottom or center are used to control game play.  The primary player presses the “Done” button, if necessary, to end their turn.  It may not be necessary to press “Done” if “Auto Done” is enabled.  Even with “Auto Done” enabled, if you select a tile before your turn, you will have to press “Done.”

The ”S” button sorts tiles by suit and the “L” button sorts tiles by like numbers.

Pressing the “Menu” button pops up the main menu.  The options available depend on the help level chosen.  The Menu options for “All” help level are:

• Hint (H) – Shows recommended “Best” hand and current matching tiles
• Options (O) – Returns to Option setup display (pauses game)
• Best Hands (B) – Shows “Best Hands” popup
• Best Groups (G) – Shows “Best Groups” popup
• Toggle Show Ranks (R) – Toggles showing computer tile rankings below each tile
• Scores – Shows the scores of any previous games
• Toggle Voice (V) – Toggles voice on and off (mute)
• Tile Status (T) – Shows a detailed tile status popup (Number discarded, exposed, left)
• Notes (N) – Game play rules and notes
• Play Again (P) – Starts a new game
• Save & Options – Saves the current game and returns to the Options display (single player games only)
• Defense (D) – Shows opponent’s likely hands and tiles needed (described in Appendix B)
• Freeze – Keeps the recommended hand frozen, if possible. Only changes hands if the current recommended hand is not in the top hands stored. Unfreeze by selecting “Hint” again. Can also freeze by selecting the 1st tile in a hand from the “Best Hands” or “Best Groups” lists.
• Quit (Q) – Quits the game

The other two help settings, “Basic” and “None,” eliminate some options and add a “Toggle Skip” option.  Toggle Skip lets you turn the auto-skip feature on and off.  Auto-skip is most useful for fast-playing Intermediate and Pro players selecting their hand manually.  The letters in parentheses can be used as shortcuts if a keyboard is available and if chat is not active. The space bar performs “Clear” and the enter key performs “Done.”