mj_Getting Started

Selecting a card defining winning Mah Jongg hands: Choose by selecting “Card Type” in the Options menu. The National Mah Jongg League, Inc (NMJL) sells a new card each spring named by the year (nationalmahjonggleague.org). Or select any other card listed. Basic1 is a simple card described here.

Options for choosing a hand after starting a game:

  1. Manually decide what hand to make
  2. If Help Level “All” is enabled, you can use the “Hint” feature. Hint shows the best hand below your tiles (Table Type “Table 2”) or merged with your tiles (Table Type “Table 1”). Table Type “Table 1” marks needed tiles by shading them. Shade colors: White-still available, Yellow-need a joker, Red-can’t call because a closed hand.
  3. If Help Level “Basic” or “All” is enabled, you can choose a hand from the “Best Hands” display by selecting the first tile on left.