mj_Selecting Tiles

You select tiles you want to expose, pass, or discard.  Click on or touch a tile to select it.  To unselect, click on or touch it again.  Selected tiles are outlined in blue.  All tiles can be unselected by hitting the clear button or pressing the space key.  Tiles can also be selected by dragging them up.  The number selected is shown next to a “D0ne” button.  When the number of tiles needed to complete a turn are selected, either the “Done” button is shown or the tiles are immediately passed (if “Auto Done” is on).  In cases where the “Done” button is shown, it must be pressed to complete the turn and continue the game. If you select tiles before it is your turn, you will need to press “Done.”

To prevent accidental selection and discard on touch screen devices, only the upper half of tiles can be touched to select them.  To avoid accidental discard when moving tiles, drag the tiles using the bottom half of the tile.  In other words, select on the top half and move by the bottom half.

There is also a button labeled “SP,” Select Passed, that selects the tiles just passed.  The “SP” button is only shown when a “Hint” hand is not displayed.  To show a “Hint” hand, press the “H” or “Hint” button.  Tiles just passed or drawn will be highlighted in green. Note that tiles are not selected until they are highlighted in blue, not green.