mj_Using and Stealing Jokers

Using Jokers: Jokers can be used to make any set of three or more tiles.  There is no limit to the number of jokers you can use.  Jokers can never be called or be used for a set of only one or two tiles (singles and pairs).  This means jokers are always safe to discard.  This also means “Singles and Pairs” hands can never use jokers.  This is part of the reason singles and pairs hands are higher value (harder).  Each hand’s base value is shown on the card.  You also can’t call a tile for any “Singles and Pairs” hand unless it is the last tile needed for Mah Jongg (you always need at least 3 in a set to call a tile unless for Mah Jongg). On a touch screen device and using Auto-Done, be careful not to accidentally discard a joker by touching it.  The game may require you to hit the “Done” button if you want to discard a joker.

Figure 8.  Example of a 4 bam tile called and then shown in the upper rack row (Table Type “Table 1”)

Stealing Jokers: Jokers that are exposed (shown) can be stolen by players during their turn.  A player’s turn starts when they draw or successfully call a tile.  The turn ends when they discard a tile or call Mah Jongg.  A joker can be stolen if  you have the tile it is being used as.  For example, in Figure 8 (Table Type “Table 2”) someone could steal the exposed joker during their turn if they have a 9 crak tile. You can, and usually should, steal your own jokers.  The primary player can steal a joker when they have the matching tile by clicking on the joker to be stolen (or touching it on a touch screen).  The game does not tell you if there is a joker you can steal.  Hovering the mouse on a joker shows how it is being used.  On touch displays, touching a joker shows how it is being used.  To show the joker again, touch somewhere else on the display.